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Scholars, practitioners and academics are invited to contribute research papers focusing on the theme. 
-    The length of paper must not exceed 6000 words. Text should be typed and printed on A-4 sized sheets; submitted along with a soft copy as Microsoft Word Document. 
-    Papers selected by the Scientific Committee for presentation will be considered for publication in Journal of Research in Architecture and Planning 2022-23 volume/s therefore revised papers will be submitted online to JRAP with link and will follow second phase of peer review after the conference. Contributors are requested to send their drafts complete in all respects, on or before the due date. 
-    Abstract should not exceed 300 words and submitted by given deadline.


[Times New Roman 10-point, Bold, Centered and Upper and Lower Case] 
Abstract ‘containing a Central Theme/Idea’ should be written in English within a range of some 250 to 300 words, consisting of no more than 5 key words, in relation with the given sub-themes. Please email your abstract for pre-approval from the Conference Scientific Committee. 


[Times New Roman 12 point, Bold, Centered, and Upper Case] 
Author Name(s) [Times New Roman, 10 point, Bold, Centered and Upper and Lower Case] 
Institutional Affiliation [10 point, Normal, Centered and Upper and Lower Case] 
City /Country [10 point, Normal, Centered and Upper and Lower Case] 
E-mail [9 point, Italic, Centered and Upper and Lower Case] 
This template will assist you in formatting your paper. 

-    Paper should be the original and unpublished work of the author. Submission of an article will be taken to imply that it is not on offer to any other publisher. 
-    The first page of the article should contain the title of the article, the name of the author, and a footnote giving the current affiliation of the author, and comments, if any 
-    Notes should be numbered consecutively. Each appendix and table should have separate set of notes. 
-    Papers containing less than two thousand (2000) words as well as those having corporate authors shall not be entertained. 
-    Papers must include: Abstract, Introduction, Central Theme of the research and Conclusion coupled with authentic primary and secondary sources. 
-    The Editor will have the right to edit/change the transliteration of historical names, titles and non- English terminology to bring them into conformity with the Journal’s own style at publication stage. 
-    Interested authors should download and read the Instructions to Authors Manual ( for all details of requirements, procedures, paper mechanics, referencing style and technical review process for submitted papers. 


[Times New Roman, 12- point, Bold, Upper Case and Alignment Left] 
All the pages of the paper size should be A4 (21 x 29,7cm). The top and bottom margin should be 1”, the left 1.5” and 1” for right margin. All the text must be in one column format and Times New Roman must be used, including figures and tables. Single-spaced with 12-point inter-lining spacing. Leave two blank lines before each section [Times New Roman, 12-point, Normal, Alignment Justify, Upper and Lower Case] 


[Times New Roman, 10-point, Bold, Alignment Left and Capitalize the first letter] 
The text included in the section or subsection must begin one line after the section or subsection title. Leave two blank lines (10 point) before the section title and one line before the subsection title. 


Figures, tables and graphics should be Centered, Numbered and Accompanied by a Legend. 


Please avoid using Page Numbers, Headers and Footers.