The Department of Architecture and Planning, NED University has organized eleven seminars on urban and regional planning successively from 2004 to 2016. This series of seminar has been able to provide a platform to architects, planners, academia, industry and researchers to share their scholarly research on emerging issues, evolving concepts and new body of knowledge in the field of urban and regional planning. These seminars focused on broad issues of education, practice, learning from experiences; planning and managing urban change; planning in a globalizing world; interface of planning with the market economy; urbanization and secondary cities; dynamics of land in planning; housing for all; planning for people; and planning and institutional arrangements.  Research scholars and experts from various countries presented their papers, which were later on published as eight separate volumes of seminar proceedings - distributed free of cost to the concerned individuals, institutions and academic links. 

Since year 2017, the scope of these Seminars was upgraded to two days International Conference. Till now the department of Architecture and planning has hosted five editions of International Conferences of Urban and Regional Planning (CURP) addressing the following themes.

•          1st CURP- Urban Resilience and Adaptation

•          2nd CURP- Cities Beyond City

•          3rd CURP- Innovation in Planning and Practice

•          4th CURP- Retaining City Histories – An Approach to Integrated Planning

•          5th CURP- Perspectives on Pandemic – Impact on Urban Pedagogies, Research

•          6th CURP- Cities & the Poor

•          7th CURP- Urban Ecology, Sustainable Planning and Inclusivity


A sizable number of International and national experts deliberated at length on key matters related to above stated themes. Few selected papers from the conference were published in the Department's peer reviewed biannual publication the; ‘Journal of Research in Architecture and Planning’. Links to the journal can be found on the department’s webpage i.e.