The 6th International Conference on Urban and Regional Planning (CURP 2022) is scheduled to be held in Karachi, Pakistan on 18th -19th November 2022 focusing on the theme of The City and the Poor. This Call for Papers invites urban planners, architects, government officials, academics and all allied professionals to share their knowledge and researches befitting to the theme of this conference for the benefit of public, professionals and students in related fields.


Cities, as large and complex human settlements are observed to be reservoirs of opportunities for economic well-being, human and social development. The city and its centripetal attraction for folks from the hinterland are due to its economic, social and cultural features. Alternatively natural disasters, loss of livelihoods, conflicts and related factors push the vulnerable to move to cities for the sake of survival. The rapid urbanization as unprecedented growth of cities poses several challenges and repercussions. This leads to delve into several questions such as; are urban cities meant to be socially, culturally, economically, politically, geographically, environmentally equitable and inclusive for all? Are cities capable of serving their residents and other category of beneficiaries proportionately to their growth? Besides migration, what are other variables perpetuating urban stresses?

Intensive unplanned urban sprawl leads to worst forms of poverty, with local governments unable to provide services for all people. Scale and depth of poverty underpins several issues faced by predominantly poor population. High rental costs compel urban poor to choose peripheral locations to acquire land they can afford. The incremental construction of houses, using low cost building materials is challenged to be climatically responsive, functionally adequate, low cost as well as durable. Acquiring lease and regularization from government is another complicated procedure to be followed.  Being distant from city center adds to transportation cost. Absence of financial and technical support in planning and services leads to poor quality and overcrowded houses. Poor provision for sanitation, drainage and solid waste collection is yet another challenge. Lack of safe and readily available water supply forces people to rely on water vendors who charge much higher as compared to cost of piped water connections.  Affording healthcare for children or keeping them at school is another unaffordable expense for the poor. 

Challenges for the urban poor are multiplying fast. Near complete denial to housing and shelter opportunities, absence of possibilities for livelihood and employment in formal sector, limited access to health care and education, constrained possibilities of obtaining domiciles and citizenship are some mentions. Access to justice and administrative response are commonly viewed challenges to urban poor. There is a felt need to deliberate, analyses and evolve compatible solutions to these chronic social and economic ailments impacting developing countries.

The theme of the conference ‘The City and the Poor’ draws attention to deliberate on the issues of urban poverty, housing and tenure security, financial and technological assistance in low cost house construction, generally across the globe, and particularly in Pakistan. Following are the sub themes for the Conference:

•    Urban poverty and survival
•    Empowering the urban poor
•    Urban epoch; living disproportionately in cities
•    Socio-spatial exclusion
•    Prevalence and ramifications of evictions
•    Urban sustainability; inclusive and socially equitable cities
•    Administrative reforms in the city of the poor
•    Urban governance, capacity and institutional development
•    Civil society’s organizations and the urban poor
•    Microfinancing in low cost housing
•    Design efficiencies and technological advancements in low cost housing


The objectives of CURP 2022 are as follows: 
-    To provide scholars from different countries an opportunity to come together for an exchange of views, ideas, and information regarding what is being done in their respective countries towards the extension, improvement, and refinement of historical knowledge related to the national and regional needs particularly with reference to the conference theme: “The City and the Poor”. 
-    To find ways and means for collaboration and networking among academics and international scholars for fruitful information sharing. 
-    To provide a platform for sharing recent researches with a particular focus on global south.


The conference is open to all academia, educators, civil society, media professionals, industry practitioners and research scholars/ students extending their contributions corresponding to the main scope and theme of the conference. 

A wide attendance from national and international participants is expected at the conference, including paper presenters, panelists, university students and experts from the field. We invite you all to join hands with us and be a substantial part of the conference. 


- Abstract submission dates: 13 May, 2022
- Date of notification to the author: 27 May, 2022
- Full paper deadline: 15 August, 2022
- Reviewer comments and revised papers: 15 September, 2022
- Conference Dates: 18-19th November, 2022 


All national and international paper presenters will be provided accommodation and local hospitality during their stay in Karachi for the conference. Financial support for travel of paper presenters is subject to the approval of funding proposal/s submitted to various organizations. 


-    Prof. Dr. Noman Ahmed, Dean AMS
-    Prof. Dr. Anila Naeem, Chairperson
-    Associate Prof. Fariha A. Ubaid 
-    Associate Prof. Dr. Saeed Ud Din Ahmed
-    Associate Prof. Dr. Suneela Ahmed



-    Prof. Dr. Anila Naeem, Chairperson
-    Associate Prof. Dr. Saeed Ud Din Ahmed
-    Associate Prof. Dr. Suneela Ahmed
-    Assistant Prof. Dr. Masooma Shakir


-    Dr. Peter Meckie, Professor for Innovation, Civic Mission and International, University of Cardiff, UK
-    Dr. Abid Mehmood, Senior Lecturer, University of Cardiff, UK
-    Nyoman Gede Maha Putra, Universitas Warmadewa, Denpasar-Indonesia